• What is wrong with using a normal bicycle?
    Nothing but, as well as a means of transport, a Police bike also a part of the Police Officers personal protection equipment, being used effectively in arrests, searches and to fend off possible assailants.
    The mountain bike can operate more easily in parks and off road areas due to its broader tyres. With the range of gears fitted to the modern mountain bike, multi storey car parks and hills present few or no problems.
    Suspension ensures that pavement edges, and other obstacles are easily dealt with.

  • Where are the sirens?
    The police bicycles in the Netherlands are not equipped with sirens. The service whistle is used to good effect in alerting pedestrians and motorists to our presence. Several teams are equipped with blue strobe lights. The legislation in The Netherlands permits the bike patrol Officer to ignore traffic laws in the execution of their duty. The Officer of course always remains responsible for the safety of the other road users.


    How do the public react to the Bike Patrol?
    Experience has shown that the public are very enthusiastic and positive about Bike Patrols.
    Many people stop bike patrol Officers to talk to them.

    How do you take a detainee with you?
    You cannot handcuff them to the rear rack on the bike! Deal with this in the same way you would if engaged on foot patrol.
    Call for a patrol car or van to attend to transport your prisoner.

    Why a basic course cycling, everyone can cycle in the Netherlands?
    The basic course is more than learning how to cycle. Riding a mountain bike is different to riding a ‘normal’ bicycle.
    There is training in safety issues and the prevention of injuries.


    Is it a specialist role?
    In the Netherlands there is only a specialist bike patrol Team in Amsterdam.
    All other teams are part of the normal duty shifts.


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