Bike patrol in regular service uniform teaches us that this is an obstacle for the Officer. The regular uniform has been designed for foot and vehicle patrol. The garments are constructed with stitched seams in some very uncomfortable places. The clothing for the bike patrol must be durable, breathable and functional.

 Dutch bicycle officers

Most of the teams are out there 24/7, in all conditions. So choosing the right clothing is a serious business!


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National developments
At this moment the Police in the Netherlands are developing a new bike patrol uniform.
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Cycling in busy traffic can be dangerous.
The foundation for Consumer Safety already asks for more attention to the bicycle helmet. In Australia the introduction of the bicycle helmet law decreased the number of fatal bicycle accidents by 55% after and in Sweden it decreased the number of head injuries by 43%. Besides aiding in recognition of the bike patrol Officer, wearing a helmet sets a good example.




Most bicycles have been fitted out with a bicycle pannier.
One of the most frequent questions to bike patrol Officer is “What’s in the pannier”?
The pannier contains almost everything the Officer need for his patrol like report and ticket books, spare parts and first aid items like resuscitation masks, rubber gloves, survival blanket, light sticks and more.
Beside all these items, the bike patrols Officer wears his standard police equipment like his Pistol, baton, OC spray, and handcuffs.



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