Patrolling on a mountain bike is vastly different to patrolling from the comfort of a patrol car. Beside the necessary street experience and flexibility, the Officer must be fit. They must also be prepared to patrol in all weather conditions, even on sunny days!
They must be aware that he/ she are the link between the citizen and the Police Department.

In 2000 the Police Department Hollands-Midden made contact with American bike patrol colleagues to develop their own Bike-patrol training. This became the standard that an Officer on mountain bike patrol duties must achieve.
This basic course lasts 4 or 5 days where, at several locations, the required skills are learned.

The Course has been divided in the following components:

  • Bicycle handling;
  • Group riding,
  • Dangers on the road,
  • Obstacle techniques,
  • Patrol procedures,
  • Patrol by night,
  • Community policing,
  • Bicycle maintenance,
  • Laws and legislation,
  • Training and feeding,
  • Defense tactics,
  • Arrest tactics

A good basic course is essential for the effectiveness and the safety of the Officer. The basic course equips the bike patrol Officer with the techniques for an effective and professional bike patrol.
Beside this basis Course, most Officers get frequent in service training days.

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For training in the UK contact the Public Safety Cyclist