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Here you will find everything that you want to know about the Police on bicycles.

Watch the Dutch children’s Television program featuring the bike patrol.
Read why it is smart to wear your bicycle helmet.
Need information for a presentation at school?
You will find it in the Bike Patrol kids’ corner!


TV show Het Klokhuis

See how Dolores visits the Bike patrol in the City of Delft.

Learn how the Officers Cobus, Jeroen, Sander, Ilona, and Turhan use their mountain bike during their patrols.

Learn why the bicycle is frequently faster then a patrol car.

Learn what is in the pannier and you catch a criminal with a bicycle.

Sorry, it is in Dutch, but very understandable!!

Use your lights!!!


The bicycle helmet !!

More safe cycling
Click on the photo. 

The bike patrol always wear there their helmets on patrol
Why..? It is much safer.

When you are using your helmet, you have 75 percent less chance on a head injury when involved in an accident.

That is the reason to wear a helmet.

And it looks cool!







Helmet tips

  • Helmets are not hats! They must be level on your head and fastened securely to provide protection in a crash.
  • He helmet should be level on the head and the strap done up comfortably snug.
  • The have all kind of cool colours even metallic red, blue and pink.

    So, wear your helmet.

  Want to see the bikers for real ??

The National police day in the Netherlands / De landelijke Politiedag!
Want to see the bikers for real, or take a look in a police cell or want to stroke a police horse?
All this is possible on the Landelijke Politiedag. On this day the police are opening there doors for the public.



Making a bike patrol presentation for school. receives many requests from kids for written information.
Sorry, this is not available but, all the information we have been asked for is on this site. also found some interesting links for more information about the Police. ( in Dutch )



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