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This site has been dedicated to the healthiest and most dynamic form of police work, the mountain bike patrol. Bikepatrol.nl aims to promote this method of patrolling.


The start of the mountain bike patrolling coincided with rise of community oriented policing. This philosophy recognises the needs and expectation of the citizen from the police force, promotes a problem solving approach and encourages cooperation with partners. In addition, inner cities are becoming more and more vehicle traffic free whereas the suburbs are being characterized by parks and residential districts.
For all these developments, the mountain bike is proving to be the best way to patrol.
The bicycle is most one of the most environmentally friendly methods of traveling. No emission’s, quite and human powered. All that for a comparatively low price. Calculations show that the mountain bike, equipment and clothing package costs approximately 7.5% of the annual costs of police car.

Is cycling healthy?
Regular cycling increases heart and lung capacity by 13%.
In addition, research shows that bike patrols in down town areas are able to respond and get around more rapidly then police cars.

The citizen sees more police on the street and that contributes to the general feeling of a safer environment.
The offenders’ perception of the bike patrol as being very unpleasant.

The element of surprise.
Surprise is achieved by three components, speed, maneuverability, and stealth. It is the combination of these three components in one package, which makes the bike patrol unique.

Heightened awareness.
Whilst on patrol, bike patrol Officers make optimum use of their senses. He or she can see more, hear more and smell more than if conducting vehicle patrol. The position of the rider is higher than an Officer seated in a car extending their field of view. The sense of smell is more effective when on a bike than in a car. Many fires have been detected this way at an early stage. Sound carries, certainly at night. For bike patrol, the sound of glass breaking etc. are easier to detect and give the Officer the opportunity to conduct a closer investigation.

The core function of the bike patrol is to patrol areas which are inaccessible to patrol cars, or where it is difficult for them to operate. This can consist of busy inner cities, parks, beachfronts, airports and recreation areas.
Other successful bike patrol duties are security patrols and search & rescue operations.

Emergency Medical Services.

The concept of putting trained paramedics on bicycles is to be on the scene quicker at outdoor public events or in congested urban areas to provide immediate patient care in situations where an ambulance might be delayed.

Bikepatrol.nl supports all bike patrol initiatives.


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