Patrol bikes

The first problem is that the majority of the bicycles in the shop are updated each year. The manufacturers upgrade their products to take into account recent developments in the range of colors and components. This creates difficulties for the bike patrols which strive for uniformity.


In the early days of Cycle Patrol there was a great deal of research into what made a good patrol bicycle. A police Officer from The Hague, The Netherlands, was the first who composed a specification for their patrol bicycle.


This included:-
Robust and suitable for pro-active surveillance
Quality components (minimum group set LX)
Good service from the Supplier.
Have the look of an official "police force" bicycle.
Logistics (are the fitted components in stock at the bike shop for repairs)
Sturdy enough to cope with typical town obstacles (pavement edges, stairs etc)

Economical (obtained from the supplier for the best possible price).

Over time, more suppliers and manufacturers have noticed the rise in the Police use of bicycles and identified the Police as a potential customer. As a result the list of bikes and equipment targeted at Police has increased.





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